Today’s Top Isolated Model
Written By karibu box

A tour through the good, bad, and questionable fashion decisions made during lockdown.

by Hannah Kelly, 29th June 2020

Like many at the beginning of lockdown, the announcement of three months at home left me in an outfit dilemma (a privileged dilemma to have). I have never been a leisure wear kind of gal, and I had absolutely no intention of starting now. On a phone call to a friend I started sharing the idea that now we were not seeing people, this was the perfect time to start wearing all our most ridiculous outfits. Out of this conversation ‘Today’s Top (Isolated) Model’ was born. This turned into a daily Instagram series in which I shared everything from the ball gowns I worked out in, to the running shorts that now wore with absolutely anything. All in aid of hoping to create some moments of light humour in our tumultuous times.

Instagram has been a strange platform for sharing over lockdown and I have a fairly love/ hate relationship with it. I find that on the one hand it can be a huge distraction; but on the other, it has revealed itself to be an amazing platform for activism and community. On a platform that has a lot of polished perfection, it felt freeing to share a side of fashion that was much more about having some fun and not taking myself too seriously. If the proof is in the pudding, then the real highlight has been seeing friends getting involved by sending in their own submissions. We have had gardening outfits, blanket sarongs and black tie. All of it a reminder that though clothing may not be the most important thing going on, it is something we can all laugh about. 

Now that quarantine is winding down, I am ready to stop posting quite so many updates online and move to having the same fun with outfits outside the house. I think I will ditch the running shorts though.