England Preserves Jam


Bermondsey, London

Which boxes are they in?


Founded by

Kai & Sky

Why we love them? 

Kai & Sky cook their jams by hand under an Arch in Bermondsey with fruit from local farms.

A renewal of British food culture was happening. English foods and produce were being appreciated in new ways and although it was rough round it’s edges, Borough Market had a real buzz to it. Kai and Sky neighboured stalls that were run by farmers selling fresh produce and it would be these initial relationships that formed the foundations for England Preserves.

 A love affair with natural produce soon followed and it was something that the duo wanted to share. The organic processes that farmers used to harvest the delicious heritage fruits deserved to be preserved…and celebrated!

 Baskets of fresh fruit began to accompany Kai and Sky home from work. With the DNA of Borough Market running through their veins, they were on a mission to renew jam culture. They pencilled down their first recipes ensuring on one thing - that the fruit would take centre stage. Kai and Sky only wanted to use the highest quality, England Heritage fruits and work to create an alchemy that celebrated the inherent flavour, colour, and freshness of natural fruit.

 Concoctions began bubbling in kitchen saucepans, hundreds of jam jars were crammed into the rooms of their flat in Wood Green, and on Saturdays the couple would pack up their kitchen table and take their preserves to farmers markets across London.

 At the market, news of their great tasting jam spread fast. People loved it. It wasn’t long before market-goers would arrive at their stall with stories of where they’d enjoyed the preserves from the week before. It marked a realisation for Kai and Sky. Not only were preserves, good, they were great business.

 Their customer base expanded and their jam could be found anywhere from local farmer’s markets, to premium retailer’s shelves, to gourmet restaurants. And wherever they went, their love of good produce went too. They found ways to work with and support the farmers who supplied them.

 But pretty soon it was time for a permanent home. And where better to look than where they had started, Bermondsey. They moved into Spa Terminus. They were still by the same rickety railway lines albeit a little further south and just as they had at Borough Market, they found themselves surrounded by other artisan producers. There was that enthusiasm again, and that love.

 The love that had led them to the market, to each other, to jam. That keeps them still carefully crafting small batches of seasonal jam. Slowly and surely inviting their customers to fall in love too.