Good & Proper Tea



Which boxes are they in?

Hepworth, Mary, Bud

Founded by

Emilie Holmes

Why we love them? 

Emilie Kickstarted Good & Proper from a classic 1974 Citroën H.

Have you ever had lemongrass tea in the afternoon? Enjoyed the bright yellow moon in your cup, the fresh lemon that lingers long after drinking.

That lemongrass is grown in northern Thailand: planted during the rainy season, the stalks are cut for the first time about three months later. They are then dried in the fields and cut again before being sorted by hand to select the best leaves.

Before it has ever reached your cup, it has been grown, cut and sorted before travelling hundreds of miles across continents to be packaged and finally given to you. It has its own story.

Good & Proper tea collects these stories, and looks after them. They don’t buy blends but make their own from single origin teas whose stories they have followed from soil to cup. Their English Breakfast includes leaves hailing from Kenya, India and Sri Lanka respectively.

Good & Proper has its own origin story. Its founder, Emilie, is not a coffee drinker. Never has been. Even during the great coffee boom of the late 00s. Affogatos, Americanos, espressos, lattes, flat whites – and all Emilie wanted was a good cup of tea. 

She was no stranger to the process of making one, as a child she had lived in India briefly with her family and still remembered visiting tea estates and watching the leaves being picked. But she could not for the life of her find a cup that resembled that experience.

Emilie did what we all do when we’ve found ourselves with a bee in our bonnet. She bored her friends to tears. And eventually, when the conversation had been exhausted and there was no one left to bore, she decided to do something about it.

She turned to kickstarter to raise the money to convert a 1974 Citroën H into a mobile tea van. 372 backers came forward and made it happen. Their names are still proudly displayed on the back window of a van they affectionately christened ‘Watson’.   

That was in 2012, the first cup of tea was brewed in Shoreditch on the 3rd of December.

Since then Good & Proper have carried on collecting stories and encouraging their customers to do the same.