Handcraft Co. Soap


Snowdonia, Wales

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Founded by

Tom & Adé

Why we love them? 

Natural soaps handmade at the foot of Snowdonia by husband and wife, Tom & Adé

Tom and Ade Newby are no strangers to adventure. After a year of dating, they took the plunge and married each other. Then, having only just got married, they went off travelling for a year. Then, just as they had arrived back home they received a call about working for a community at the shores of the Snowdonia mountains in Wales. Without hesitation, they packed up their flat and hauled their stuff across the country to their new home.

The mountains were everything they had dreamt of. But in the midst of all their adventuring, Ade had been struggling. For years she had struggled with irritated skin and dry hair from the products she was using. It wasn’t until she switched to using only natural products that she realised why. She found a natural soap community online and began to learn how to make soap.

She started producing her own natural soaps and found that her skin had healed. Quickly her friends cottoned on and started asking for soaps and then friends of friends and distant acquaintances. People even started asking to buy soaps.

Tom and Ade realised this could really be something.

And so there was another beginning: The Handcraft Company was born. Making 100% natural soaps and avoiding plastics, The Handcraft Company is as much about protecting your skin as the environment.

Sooner than expected, orders poured in and didn’t stop. The Newby’s tiny flat at the foot of the Welsh Mountains has been taken over by soap. Even their bedroom has been given over to the production line.

It is the start of the next adventure.