Husk and Honey


Bermondsey, London

Which boxes are they in?


Founded by

Hedie Howells

Why we love them? 

Hedie’s hand roasted granola won best cereal in the Great British Food Awards.

The problem was she couldn’t go home. Or maybe it was the conference food. Either way Hedie was staying in Brazil.

She had spent the last few years as a psychologist trekking to various conferences and was always greeted by the same old sad hotel catering. She had started taking her own homemade granola with her, even doling it out to her colleagues who had very quickly cottoned on to the treasure in her bag. But even with the granola, she was tired. And so, when an air hostess friend offered her a 3 day trip to Brazil it was a no brainer. But now she couldn’t go home. She just couldn’t.

Her friend booked her a hostel and she decided to stay for a while. The only problem left was the food. Hedie had no problem finding red meat in Brazil but she struggled to find really good, healthy food. And then she remembered her granola. She started making it again and by the time she returned home, granola was more than just a conference treat it was a necessity.

Now it wasn’t just her colleagues who wanted it, her family and friends were hankering after it too. One had opened up a market and asked Hedie if she would mind setting up a stall with her granola to fill some space. Once again she said yes and once again, when she had, she realised there was no turning back.

The market loved her and so she did another one. And another one after that, and they loved her too. It wasn’t just her friends or her colleagues these were total strangers who could not get enough of her product.

And Hedie loved it too. She loved the granola, she loved the markets, she loved not being at the conferences with their old stale food.

And thus Husk and Honey was born. Hedie hired a nutritionist to make sure every kind of granola was as packed full of goodness as it was flavour. And Husk and Honey soared. It outgrew every one of their bakeries, it even won the cereal category of the Great British Food Awards.

Eventually it landed at Spa Terminus in Bermondsey where it remains today providing award-winning, oven-fresh premium granola. The best ingredients, the best granola, the best dream.