New Ground Coffee



Which boxes are they in?

Lella, Bud

Founded by

Joel & Dickon

Why we love them? 

Joel & Dickon roast seriously good coffee and have a genuine heart for social justice.

It’s no surprise that the idea for New Ground Coffee began with Dickon and Joel chatting over a cup of it. The pair had only recently met, but quickly bonded over their shared love of good coffee and a dream to start a business that employed people who experienced barriers to employment. 

Hard work, late nights, and a lot of caffeine followed, but a year later New Ground Coffee opened its doors in Oxford to serve up its first cup of high grade, speciality coffee.

With a zero-emissions coffee roaster imported from San Francisco, Joel and Dickon spent their time roasting and refining blends, pursuing bold and distinctive coffee flavours that customers would love. 

They made the guarantee that every bean New Ground roasted would be ethically sourced. Paying coffee pickers fair wages, and investing in farms so that they could further improve environmental standards, working conditions, and final coffee yields.

The coffee was very good, but it wasn’t quite time for Dickon and Joel to put their feet up yet.

A troubling statistic had not left their minds since they first shared a cup of coffee together all those years ago - around 50% of prisoners are reconvicted within the first year of their release. This reconviction rate is perpetuated by a huge lack of employment opportunities for ex-offenders and a limited access to skills training.

Dickon and Joel wanted to make sure that ex-offenders in their area had better opportunities than that. So, they switched up the way that things were done at the roastery. Training programmes were established and work opportunities were offered. Now, some of the best coffee in the country was roasted and served by ex-offenders in the Thames Valley.

Four years later, Dickon and Joel still sit down and share ideas over a cup of coffee - only now it’s been sourced, roasted and brewed in the way that they had always dreamt.