St Eval Candle Company



Which boxes are they in?

Fitzgerald, Alma

Founded by

Tim & Sara Young-Jamieson

Why we love them? 

Candles hand poured on a farm on the Cornish Coast. They’re living our dream!

The St Eval Candle Company was started 25 years ago around the kitchen table by Tim and Sara Young-Jamieson. Looking for a way to diversify their farm, they struck upon candles. Their dream was to make the best quality candles in the traditional way.

At the beginning they made church pillar candles, their long lights flickering in parish churches along the Cornish coast. And church pillar candles became dining candles became scented candles in pots and tins became room sprays became diffusers.

But as they kept changing and growing, St Eval kept its sights on the farm it still sits on, the farm around that kitchen table. A world filled with hedgerows and fields teeming with life.

This life inspires the scents in their candles: blueberries and nettles, brambles and hay. But it is also central to their core values:

  1.     Keeping traditions alive
  2.     Treading softly on the earth
  3.     Being caring, open-minded and respectful of individuality

St. Eval continues to act on these values, in 2011 the company put up the UK’s quietest wind turbine, in 2013 they fitted the workshop roof with solar panels and they have since installed a Biomass boiler. They also source all of their packaging from recycled materials as well as supporting a range of local charities.

In everything they do, St Eval place people and the planet at the heart.

You can see it for yourself. St Eval has a shop next to its workshop, allowing visitors to take a peek at the place that inspired their candles. To see the hedgerows and the fields and to go home a little wiser and more aware about what they place on their own kitchen tables.