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Which boxes are they in?

Fitzgerald, Alma

Founded by

William & Anna

Why we love them? 

UpCircle take discarded natural ingredients and turn them into beauty products.

Every morning across London, cafes throw out coffee grounds. Tonnes and tonnes of coffee grounds. It's not something most people think about. But the Brightman siblings are not most people.

On one particular London morning in 2015, Will Brightman stopped at his local coffee shop on his way to work. Out of curiosity he asked what they did with their coffee grounds and was more than a little shocked to learn that they were just chucked away.

He knew that the waste could be more than just an ending, it could be the beginning of a really good business idea. He just didn’t know what that idea was. But his sister did.

Whilst William had been worrying about coffee grounds, Anna had been nurturing her interest in beauty and skincare. As a teenager she had dreamt of being a makeup artist so she knew that coffee had loads of skincare benefits. And just like that they had an idea.

They started small, collecting coffee grounds from one coffee shop and learning how to turn them into skincare products. The London Coffee Festival in 2016 seemed as good a place as any to launch and so they set up a stall with their scrubs and, in no time, found themselves empty handed. The scrubs had flown out of the door.

Maybe, just maybe, they were on to something. It seemed worth the risk. Will and Anna quit their jobs that September, throwing all of their energies into their shared dream. 

Their cosmetics business just kept growing, and by April 2017 they were selling in 8 European countries. At the end of that year they were no longer collecting coffee from one shop but 80.

And as they grew, so did their ideas. When they found out that the UK produced 23,000 tonnes of fruit stone waste in 2012 alone they knew that something had to be done. So they produced the fruit stone range with each product made from the powder of a different discarded fruit.

Throughout the Brightman’s have held fast to the same values with which they started the business. Waste should not be the end of the story. With that in mind UpCircle is committed to using 100% recyclable packaging, keeping their products cruelty free and organic, as well as ocean friendly.

One day Anna hopes that all of the beauty products she uses will be made by UpCircle. But until then the siblings will keep pushing on, creating products that transform you as much as they do the world around.