Fitzgerald (Pamper) £27.00


Give the Fitzgerald to someone who could do with an evening off.

Designed to encourage a bit of rest and a lot of joy, the Fitzgerald comes with beauty products made from natural ingredients, a scented candle, and award-winning chocolate.

What's in the Box?

  • Pamper kit from ethical and innovative UpCircle Beauty.
  • Organic exfoliating face bar from Snowdonia based The Handcraft Company.
  • Ceramic tealight from sustainable Cornish candle maker St Eval.
  • Chocolate bar from award-winning family business Pump St. Chocolate.

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The candles from sustainable Cornish candle maker St Eval are made in small batches to limit waste and ensure quality. Creating their own blends of wax and fragrance, St Eval also ensure the best scent, burn quality and appearance.

Life doesn’t have to be perfect, to be beautiful. A story of one of the most famous performances in history.

The vegan Pamper kit from ethical and innovative UpCircle Beauty is made from rescued by-products from other industries and uses 100% recyclable packaging.

Choose from a variety of illustrated cards - with a handwritten message...

The exfoliating natural soap from The Handcraft Company has been handmade at the foot of the Snowdonia mountains in Wales, each soap is 100% natural and gentle for every skin type.

The chocolate from award-winning family business Pump St. Chocolate is made from beans imported directly from single estates and cooperatives and produced in...


About Fitzgerald

The First Lady of Song, Ella Fitzgerald is one of the most famous jazz singers of all time. Known for her impeccable timing and improvisational ability, Ella knew how to marry a little bit of perfection with a lot of joy.


Why we name our boxes

When we started Karibu, we knew we wanted our gifts to be about more than just great products. So we thought long and hard about all the best gifts we had ever received and what connected them all. Very quickly we realised that behind every great gift is a good story, a meaning. And so, we decided that each box should have a name that captured the spirit of the box. The result, we hope, is gifts that are as thoughtful as their givers.

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