Mary (Tea + Chocolate) £20.00


Pause and pay attention.

Taking a cue from the box’s namesake Mary Oliver, the Mary has been designed to make your break last that bit longer. With speciality tea and award-winning chocolate.

What's in the Box?

  • Chocolate bar from award-winning family business Pump St. Chocolate.
  • Tea bags from speciality tea supplier Good & Proper.

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The tea from speciality tea supplier Good & Proper is single origin rather than a blend because each tea has been specifically picked by the company to e...

Mary Oliver is known as the 'Poet of the natural world'. She wrote about intimate encounters with her environment.

Choose from a variety of illustrated cards - with a handwritten message...

The chocolate from award-winning family business Pump St. Chocolate is made from beans imported directly from single estates and cooperatives and produced in...


About Mary

Poet of the natural world, Mary Oliver most often wrote about intimate encounters with her environment. Critics denounced her ‘simple’ style and accused her of pandering to popular audiences but Mary remained unfazed. As a result her poetry has called out from the wild spaces to academics and housewives alike.


Why we name our boxes

When we started Karibu, we knew we wanted our gifts to be about more than just great products. So we thought long and hard about all the best gifts we had ever received and what connected them all. Very quickly we realised that behind every great gift is a good story, a meaning. And so, we decided that each box should have a name that captured the spirit of the box. The result, we hope, is gifts that are as thoughtful as their givers.

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