Vanessa (Beauty) £30.00


Enjoy an evening of relaxation with this beautiful gift selection, including a candle from Cornish candle maker St Eval, and innovative beauty products from UpCircle Beauty.

What's in the Box?

  • Coffee Face Scrub, and Make Up Removal Pads from ethical and innovative UpCircle Beauty.
  • Chocolate bar from award-winning family business Pump St. Chocolate.
  • Large tinned Bergamot and Nettle candle from artisan Cornish candle maker St Eval.

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The hemp and cotton make up pads from ethical and innovative UpCircle Beauty are eco-friendly and machine-washable.

The face scrub from ethical and innovative UpCircle Beauty is made from repurposed coffee grounds from London cafes.

The chocolate from award-winning family business Pump St. Chocolate is made from beans imported directly from single estates and cooperatives and produced in...

The candles from sustainable Cornish candle maker St Eval are made in small batches to limit waste and ensure quality. Creating their own blends of wax and f...

The story of the artist that could paint the light. Vanessa Bell brought hope to everyday people through her work.

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